A decoration process of a small apartment or Studio can be an exciting challenge, however the enthusiasm tends to fade when working with a limited budget.
It’s a “granted affirmation” that a professional interior decoration service is expensive and only if you have a great budget and a big house to decorate, you can dream about it.
That is not true at all! Interior renovation service is fittable to any budget and to any home project!
Interior design rhymes with beautiful home and not expensive house. With the help of a dedicated and passionate professional, and with aan idea of how you view your dream home could look like, a limited budget is not an obstacle.

Small apartment decoration and limited interiors budget?

In Musa Décor we are specialists in making your dreams come true.

cadeira jantar azul

Our Interior Studio accepted the challenge to decorate a studio in the center of Porto with a great deal of passion and equal measure of enthusiasm. The result is a cozy and modern apartment right in the historic center of the Invicta City.

mesa decorativa hall entrada

We went for the minimalism interiors inspiration and sophisticated decor.

decoração de pequenos apartamentos

Most of the times a Studio doens’t have a living room, so we created a small relax zone , were you can feel comfortable and cozy.

Mainword is light, color and inviting.

papel parede decoração quarto

With the help of a simple and nice wallpaper and some cool decorative items, decorating small apartments becomes accessible financially speaking.

lavatorio pia wc decoração

An affordable and pleasant interior remodeling. With the right professional support, studio and apartment interior design becomes easy.

decoração mesa jantar pequenos apartamentos

As we always do in projects of Musa Décor, attention to detail is our main concern.

the home of your dreams need not be a large villa, but a cozy and your friends will love spending time.

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