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Created by Soraia Pereira in 1999, Musa Décor was conceived to be a furniture showroom that was to be a representation of the world’s most renowned furniture brands.


However, with the time passing, Musa Décor quickly turned into a place that could turn people’s houses into homes, filled with love, life, and passion.


Maybe that’s why its style is characterized by being full of emotions and positive energy, turning simple spaces into rooms where you can whether have a cozy family gathering or an elegant cocktail party with friends.


Musa Décor has ever since been converted into an Interiors Studio, for both comercial and residential projects, capable of developing a project from the scratch.


The Studio combines both architecture and design services, so that each work reflects the inspirations and desires of each client inside and outside the house.


The ultimate desire of each project is to create symbiosis with the environment around, each interior project has its own identity, that embraces each client unique taste and emotions.


Ever since an early age, Soraia developed an unique artistic eye, appreciating art and decoration, and through referrals from magazines and newspapers, collected clippings and interior photos, kept wood textures, fabric pieces and mirrors which appreciated and held tenderly, not very usual in children.


Soraia Pereira has worked with big names in art and architecture business, has numerous internationally recognized projects and acclaimed by the media for the good taste, refinement and identity that gives to each space that is concepted.


A dedicated supporter of good causes, Soraia helped many in the past that wanted a dream home, but didn’t have the funds to fulfil the dream.